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Mind Games

– What If You Knew… –

Knowing certain things about the future could still lead to costly decision-making.

– Preeminent Investment Risk –

The biggest investment risk right now isn’t what you are thinking.

– 3 Tips to Invest at All-Time Highs with Greater Confidence –

– Some great investments lessons we can learn from 2023 –

Three Valuable Investment Lessons from 2023

– Two ways to Find Calm Amid Current Crises –

We can experience calm, even among the numerous crises du jour, by following a few simple steps.

– Timely Economic Perspectives –

The media has been talking about several “threats” to the economy. We break down these “threats” to provide helpful perspective.

– The Magnificence of Diversification –

Diversification isn’t just for risk can increase returns too!

– First Half Market Review –

An eventful start to 2023 with a few important lessons to help us make better investment decisions.

– A fun game in prospective hindsight –

what would you do if you knew certain things about the market’s future?

– Danger: Headlines Ahead –

One of the greatest perils to investors is a well-written and misleading headline.

– What game are you playing? –

Knowing what investing game you are playing can help you select the right equipment to reach your goals.

– Climbing the Wall of Worry –

Markets have a history of climbing the wall of worry. Will 2023 be the same?

– 3 Investment Lessons From 2022 –

Three timely lessons that can help us become better investors going forward.

– Boring is Beautiful –

Some investments can be very exciting. But odds are higher that a boring investment strategy will help you achieve your goals.

– Pragmatic Perspectives –

Some timely and valuable perspectives when faced with higher interest rates and a declining stock market.

– Investing in a Bear Market –

Investing in a Bear Market is Difficult But Having the Right Perspectives Can Make it Easier.

– The Virtue of Strategic Ignorance –

Not all information is beneficial; some can be detrimental to our well-being.

– The Upside of Bear Markets –

Bear markets don’t have to be scary. For long-term investors, they have several benefits.

– Crises in Context –

How we perceive crises can influence how we act and ultimately affect our investment results.

– Ignoring the Noise: Market Predictions –

The boldest and most believable predictions are often biased and incorrect

– Inflation, War & Cash –

Timely and helpful perspectives with respect to inflation and conflict in Eastern Europe

– Market Corrections –

Three timely perspectives to consider when experiencing a downturn in the markets

– An Investment Lesson From 2021 –

A lesson from 2021 that will help investors improve their decision-making going forward.

– Stock Market Sales –

We all love a good sale. Except for sales in the stock market.

– Increasing Inflation –

Inflation is the talk of the town. It may not be as negative as you would think.

– The Impending Selloff –

Predictions of impending selloffs occur frequently…and they are often wrong.

– Bull Market Concerns –

There are always concerns and good reasons to sell during a bull market.

– Noise –

There is a lot of noise in the world, some of which is quite harmful to investors.

-Successful Investing-

-Mindful Decision Making-

A few simple steps can help us make more mindful, less emotional investment decisions.

-Speculating & Investing-

Understanding and identifying the difference between investing and speculating can help you make better financial decisions.

-One Year Later-

We can learn a lot from the last year. Here are three takeaways that can help us make better decisions in the future.

-Back to Normal-

As we talk about getting back to normal in our daily lives, have you ever considered what normal is like for the stock market?

-Biggest Investment Lesson From 2020-

2020 may have been a crazy year, but it taught a very useful lesson to help us make better investment decisions.

-Political Presumptions-

There isn’t much correlation between political party in power and market returns, but there is a correlation we should pay attention to.