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Values Approach

Our values approach starts with conversation and questions about what gives you joy, your current perspectives and what you would like to accomplish with your life.

Some of the values we will explore in our first meeting include:

  • What do you value most about money?
  • What gives you the greatest happiness in life?
  • What one financial decision do you wish you could redo?
  • How do you want to be remembered by friends and family?
  • What do you value in having an advisor?

We ensure all parts of your financial life are integrated (investing, risk management, income strategies) to help you see how one decision may impact other parts of your life. Financial decisions should be made with the big picture in mind and in line with your values.

1. Initial Call
Are We a Good Fit

20-minute in phone or video call

  • Introductions
  • Highlight needs & services offered
  • Determine whether to meet
  • Next steps

2. First Meeting
Getting to Know You

60-minute in person or video call

  • Your experiences with money
  • Your personal goals and values
  • Your concerns & current circumstances
  • Cost of services & relationship expectations
  • Begin gathering data

3. Second Meeting
Review Plan & Implementation

90-minute in person or video call

  • Present and discuss initial plan
  • Discuss expected & potential outcomes
  • Discuss action items to implement plan
  • Commence plan and recommendations
  • Schedule first review

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